Matter-Centric Management

Implementing a WorkSpace-Centric or Matter-Centric environment can have a tremendously positive impact on revenue, productivity, and accountability and can lead to growth, billability gains, and improved compliance. However, implementation of a Matter-Centric environment can be challenging. Matter Centricity is not merely a technical project; it is a business process that requires planning, buy-in, and training for all users in the organization.

With more than a decade of experience facilitating the implementation and adoption of Matter-Centric environments, DocAuto's Matter-Centric Management Solutions are designed to cover the entire WorkSpace life cycle, easily managing everything from the creation to the eventual archival of the WorkSpace. These Solutions are designed to increase productivity and collaboration by empowering users to easily identify where to find or file content within the WorkSpace. A properly managed Matter-Centric environment provides users with easy access to what they need, the way they need to see it, however these needs may evolve over time.

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