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WorkSpace Manager Desktop for DeskSite and FileSite

WorkSpace Manager Desktop™ is a suite of modular client-side add-ins to iManage DeskSite or FileSite that provides non-administrator users with simple tools for making controlled changes to WorkSpaces. Users are able to make changes even without full access security rights or iManage Work role privileges. These utilities work with any existing WorkSpaces, regardless of how they were created or what metadata they have. WorkSpace Manager Desktop tracks all operations in a centralized database and can perform operations instantaneously, or queue requested changes to go through other back-end workflow approval processes.

WorkSpace Manager Desktop also includes the WorkSpace Manager Desktop Create Module. This Module allows users to select from pre-approved templates, filtered based on User ID and Group membership, to design WorkSpaces. The Create Module allows authorized users to add new custom metadata to the iManage Work system as needed for WorkSpace creation. Users can also be granted permissions to create WorkSpaces immediately or queue their requests for an approver who may review the WorkSpace's structure, metadata, and security, then approve or reject the request.

WorkSpace Manager Desktop can be linked to WorkSpace Manager in order for the full power of WorkSpace Manager to be available to approved users on a WorkSpace-by-WorkSpace basis.

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The WorkSpace Manager Desktop Advantage

Security Module

This highly configurable multi-level Module provides several different configurations of user-driven ad hoc WorkSpace security.

Assignment Module

This Module allows for employee relationships to be defined within the system, so that support staff may perform operations as proxies for other approved users who may not have the time, inclination, or technical ability to perform these operations.

Optional Structure Module

This Module provides full-featured WorkSpace structural modification to approved users for any WorkSpace, regardless of how it was created, including:

  • Filtered Templates. Available templates, the order of templates, and default templates can all be controlled based on any combination of metadata or patterns of metadata on the target WorkSpace, the user, or the groups the user is a member of.
  • Structural Access. Templates or structures within templates may have different levels of security access so that users may be allowed to edit specific templates, subsets of structures within specific templates, or specific templates may be hidden from users without rights.
  • Zone Control. Users may be allowed to create ad hoc structures within specific areas of a WorkSpace while administrators retain control over the specific depth and number of structures.

"Practice Group" Module

This module enables associating values from a specific iManage Work lookup validation table with a specific WorkSpace in order to drive WorkSpace hybridization using WorkSpace Manager. This module may be "re-captioned" to apply this generic functionality to a wide array of different business use cases, wherever user-driven, data-driven WorkSpace hybridization is needed.

"Property & Unit" Module

Similar to the Practice Group Module, this module allows for user-driven hybridization of WorkSpaces, but also permits a user to add metadata values to the iManage Work validation tables on-the-fly.

How WorkSpace Manager Desktop Can Help You

  • Fast, intuitive user interface
  • Safe, approved iManage Work 3-tier application
  • Instant operations or queue requested changes to go through other back-end workflow approval processes
  • Complete audit trail detailing who, what, when, and where of each user operation
  • Allows users to set up and maintain their own ethical walls
  • Hybridize WorkSpaces through pre-defined, controlled templates, or free-form structural modifications
  • Add iManage Work database validation metadata directly from the desktop
  • User-to-user association data management interface for tracking fee earner to support staff relationships


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