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WorkSpace Manager for iManage Work

DocAuto's WorkSpace Manager™ is the gold standard for Matter-Centric management within iManage Work and provides all of the functionality you need for full cradle-to-grave management of your iManage Work structures in a single comprehensive application. Automate creation and management of the entire Matter-Centric environment using the approved three-tier architecture of iManage Work for unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability. Whether you are running iManage on premises or in the cloud, WorkSpace Manager empowers you to efficiently manage every aspect of the iManage Work environment throughout the entire WorkSpace lifecycle.

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buttons  Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

Advantages of Using WorkSpace Manager 

WorkSpace Creation and Modification
  • Easily creates WorkSpaces. Create WorkSpaces with any possible structure using data from any number of external systems to control design, metadata, security, and more.
  • Modify WorkSpaces. Safely modify any aspect of WorkSpaces during production hours, including metadata, security, structures, links or shortcuts to documents, iManage Work validation metadata, and more.
WorkSpace Publication
  • Flexible publishing. WorkSpace Manager provides an unlimited variety of publishing options including: publishing user's personal WorkSpaces to their My Matters container, publishing groups of WorkSpaces to specified teams, and informational publishing, such as "New WorkSpaces created this week" or "Clients 90 days behind in payments". 
Security Management and Ethical Walls
  • Dynamic security. Dynamically define any combination of User and Group security ACLs using data from any number of external data sources, and/or pre-defined security data within the templates.
Document Provisioning
  • Consolidate multiple documents into folders.  Locate documents based on any kind of search criteria, including orphaned or misfiled documents, and file them into the appropriate WorkSpaces and folders.
  • Move or Copy Documents.  WorkSpace Manager's Provisioning capabilities can be used to make copies of documents, pre-populate new WorkSpaces with forms, or move documents between iManage Work databases.

Benefits of DocAuto's WorkSpace Manager

  • Incredible variation of job creation abilities for simple to complex business workflows
  • Versatile management of every aspect of a WorkSpace's life cycle
  • Capable of processing 5,000 to 10,000 WorkSpaces per hour
  • WorkSpace Manager's jobs can be completely automated
  • Only uses approved 3-tier iManage Work APIs, no direct SQL writes, so it works with iManage on premises or in the cloud

Advanced Uses for WorkSpace Manager

WorkSpace Archiving
  • Consolidate databases, move WorkSpaces and content between databases, and automatically move inactive information from active databases to archives in order to ensure your active databases remain functioning at their best.
  • Verify multiple system checks before archiving WorkSpaces in order to ensure a WorkSpace is ready to be processed.
  • Preserve document numbers as part of the process of moving documents between databases.
  • Perform two-way translation of metadata and security values when moving content between two different iManage Work systems.
Records Management and Compliance
  • Declare or undeclare content in bulk in specific folders or entire WorkSpaces.
  • Archive only declared content.
  • Archive and declare in one step.
Other Advanced Uses
  • Create and/or maintain Parallel WorkSpaces in multiple databases, facilitating collaboration on Matters in large distributed environments without sacrificing performance.
  • Simplify database consolidation, firm mergers, and content migrations with built in processes to translate metadata and security during the relocation of documents or structures
  • Apply multiple templates to a single WorkSpace to create Hybrid WorkSpaces.


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