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Watchdog Module for DocAuto Server

The Watchdog Module™ for DocAuto Server creates peace of mind by letting you know what is happening in iManage as it happens. This module lets administrators set up simple rules to track document activity based on multiple filters such as users, groups, any combination of metadata, where filed information, and more. The Watchdog Module helps prevent content theft, checks for unauthorized use of intellectual property, and provides an instant notification of suspicious user activity at an organizational level.

The Watchdog Module continuously monitors all document activity within any number of iManage Work servers and databases, reports on and takes action if a specific activity threshold is met, and can instantly notify any combination of users or distribution groups using SMTP or SMS notifications. Business rules can be easily incorporated into a Watchdog configuration using data from any external data source.

Watchdog supports real-time dynamic behavioral analysis of user activity to appropriately alert when any user's activity is above or below what is normal for them specifically.


The Watchdog Module Advantage

  • Monitor any iManage Work activities that are recorded in the iManage database
  • Alert on user activity that exceeds preset static thresholds for specific types of activities
  • Alert on user activity that is above or below the user's normal volumes of activity based on standard deviation analysis of the user's behavior over time
  • Disable iManage Work user accounts if they cross activity thresholds
  • Monitor sensitive WorkSpaces, folders, and tabs for document activity
  • Build filtered notification rules based on data from external data sources
  • Unlock documents that have been checked out for longer than a specific number of days
  • Generate custom notifications to include detailed document-by-document report data
  • Convert activity data to CSV attachments if large numbers of documents are affected by the user activity
  • Include custom document attachments or NRL links in notification messages

How Watchdog Module Can Help You

  • Protect company assets by monitoring iManage Work activity discreetly, in real time
  • Get timely and accurate notifications to reduce response time to important events
  • Augment knowledge management initiatives by notifying Knowledge Management teams of content submissions, approvals, or usage


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