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OutiM Server for Exchange

OutiM® Server automatically imports Exchange content into an iManage Work environment without placing a burden on users.  This server-side solution supports multiple approaches to e-mail management while integrating with and extending the functionality of other e-mail management systems.

OutiM Server supports mailbox, public folder, and PST processing and can automatically copy, move, or link and move any kind of Exchange content (messages, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar items, etc.) directly from filtered or non-filtered sources into dynamically identified WorkSpaces or folders in iManage Work.

To take advantage of OutiM Server's mailbox processing capabilities with the flexibility and features of the DocAuto Server Platform, please see Exchange Importer Module.

buttons  Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

OutiM Server Advantages

  • Process all types of Exchange content no matter where the content is located, whether it's mailboxes, PST files, public folders, or any combination of the three
  • Utilize low-impact MAPI crawl rather than resource-intensive MAPI queries
  • Perform continuous or batch migrations of content into iManage Work
  • Preserve the organizational structures and native MIME format of all content
  • Filter mailboxes or source folders to be processed
  • Process content in any location
  • Filter messages based on age, date, address, subject, attachment, flags, categories, etc.
  • Detect and process duplicate e-mail messages safely and reliably, without false positives
  • Secure content moved into iManage Work with "Smart Author Processing" and "Smart Security Processing"
  • Schedule content processing multiple ways, at multiple times, or on multiple schedules with "Phased Processing"
  • Maintain courtesy copies by replacing original messages in Exchange with NRL links to the original messages stored in iManage Work, all while deleting unnecessary NRL links

How OutiM Server Can Help You

  • Relieves stress on Exchange Servers
  • Eliminates client-side e-mail processing
  • Provides a replacement for costly e-mail archiving solutions
  • Enables access to single-instance content from Outlook or iManage Work
  • Protects the firm by enforcing records management and retention policies
  • Provides the ability to quickly locate content for internal e-discovery purposes


OutiM Server Datasheet
OutiM Server Administrator Guide
OutiM Server Release Notes 3.3.7


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