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iMPrivate for iManage Work      

iMPrivateĀ® is the leading ethical wall and security management system for iManage Work. iMPrivate uses iManage's approved 3-tier architecture and works with on-premises or cloud-hosted iManage Work, and supports filtering documents using the powerful full-text searching capabilities of iManage.

iMPrivate maintains security on iManage Work documents directly, whether or not they are stored in WorkSpaces or Folders, and enhances the functionality of WorkSpace Manager and the Refiling Module for comprehensive security management. With iMPrivate, administrators can define ethical walls that are applied and continuously maintained on documents using any combination of metadata, including full-text searches. iMPrivate also provides for a wide array of day-to-day security maintenance operations within iManage Work. All security changes can be recorded in detail in the history for every document and version and every security change made, including additions, deletions, what prior values were before they were changed, and what the values were changed to.

iMPrivate's "soft delete" functionality can automatically hide documents, on a version-by-version basis, that have been marked by users for deletion based on profile metadata. Soft deletion can also be performed based on drag-and-drop operations of documents into "Trash" or "Recycle Bin" folders, if all versions need to be processed in this way.

iMPrivate can be driven using manually defined "security sets" or by using external data sources. iMPrivate also performs "surgical" security ACL addition, removal, or modification, without damaging other security settings on documents, analysis and correction of user/group security conflicts, and bulk cleanup of disabled user or group security ACLs on all documents in your system.

buttons   Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

The iMPrivate Advantage

  • Secures documents based on any combination of metadata, including full text search parameters
  • Adds, removes, or modifies security without altering other security settings
  • Provides its own security designer interface or pulls data directly from external systems to build and maintain ethical walls
  • Uses iManage Work's 3-tier architecture for out of the box support of on-premises or cloud-hosted iManage Work
  • Offers security set testing before deployment to verify what changes will take place
  • Performs bulk security clean-up operations, such as removing disabled user or group ACLs from all documents, to improve system efficiency and performance
  • Record detailed security changes in document history, if desired

How iMPrivate Can Help You

  • Utilizes iManage Work's three-tier architecture for maximum safety, functionality, and efficiency, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Improves performance of iManage Work servers
  • Enforces consistent application of metadata/security policies
  • Preserves audit trail by recording changes in document history


iMPrivate Datasheet
iMPrivate Release Notes 5.1.14
iMPrivate Administrator Guide

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