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iImport Desktop for DeskSite and FileSite 

Designed for non-technical end-users, iImport Desktop™ is an add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite that empowers users to quickly and easily import content from native operating system folders directly into iManage Work. iImport Desktop features a simple and intuitive interface similar to Windows Explorer.

With iImport Desktop, users can extend the native FileSite and DeskSite import capabilities on their workstations to import multiple documents or entire folder structures at once. This product includes document filtering capabilities and the ability to limit where content can be imported.

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The iImport Desktop Advantage

  • Imports multiple folders and files using an intuitive interface
  • Enables easy importing into environments that do not allow drag and drop importing
  • Recreates organizational structure of imported content when needed
  • Administrators can pre-configure iImport to provide controlled deployments to users, with safe settings that conform to your organization's standards

How iImport Desktop Can Help You

  • Supplies end users with greater importing capabilities
  • Convenient document filtering capabilities
  • Easy deployment with managed configuration
  • Simple, intuitive, user friendly design


iImport Desktop Datasheet
iImport Desktop Release Notes
iImport Desktop - User Guide

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