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iImport for iManage Work

iImportâ„¢ is the most powerful tool for importing external content directly into iManage Work. It offers automated or on-demand processing options and comprehensive file-by-file or folder-by-folder workflow processing. iImport can use external data sources to create branching workflow processes that determine which content to process, where to place it, what metadata and security to set, and more. Whether you are importing terabytes of documents from network file shares, converting legacy document management systems, or importing content for new employees, iImport is the best tool for the job.

buttons  Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

The iImport Advantage

  • Import documents from any number of sources in one job
  • Stage up to 15 steps of workflow processing for each document, including setting metadata and security, or identifying dynamic targets
  • Automate or manually run import jobs
  • Include post-processing options, such as moving or deleting documents
  • Replace imported files with iManage NRL links to provide access to imported files from legacy file shares
  • Import and match documents to existing structures or create WorkSpaces and substructures to match source folder structures
  • Perform differential importing with version control
  • Build iManage User and Group security ACLs on new folders to match Windows file share security
  • Merge native operating system structures into new or existing WorkSpaces
  • Read and write to any number of data sources for document or structural information, including profile data, security, and history for smooth system migrations or phased migrations of content over time
  • All operations are comprehensively logged
  • Compatible with WorkSite Exporter to provide full "round-tripping" of content out of and back into iManage Work

How iImport Can Help You

  • Uses existing data to recreate metadata, security, and history
  • Imports and matches documents to existing structures or creates new matter-centric structures to replicate existing legacy folder structures
  • Simplifies the process of converting from one content management system to another
  • Scale up to as many instances as you need for high-volume processing without additional cost


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