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DocAuto Helm™ provides truly comprehensive monitoring and control of your entire system within one powerful browser-based interface. Helm continuously monitors iManage Work DMS, Communications/EFS/WCS Servers, SharePoint services, Microsoft SQL Server, all components of HP IDOL or IUS environments, and an endless list of third party applications. Helm is the only application that actually tests the processing flow of your IDOL and SharePoint full-text indexers to truly verify that each service component is not just "up", but actually processing data correctly from service to service. Helm provides an intuitive graphical "dashboard" view of your environment, including all monitored components and dependencies, and promotes optimal system performance. Helm lets you control and automate complex system analysis, monitoring, and maintenance tasks to maximize your users' satisfaction. If potential problems are detected within any system, Helm sends instant e-mail notifications so your team can take action to address issues and minimize user impact. Easily configure Helm to alert on critical problems, like hardware failures or impending capacity issues, and send alerts when your predetermined resource or performance thresholds are met. Helm simplifies and automates many manual IDOL administration and maintenance tasks, eliminating tedious tasks that are otherwise necessary to ensure optimal system performance.

Helm 5.0 includes role-based security to allow non-administrators to safely monitor appropriate systems without having editing capabilities or service control functionalities

Detect, alert, anticipate, and prevent system issues with Helm.

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The Helm Advantage

Real-Time Monitoring
  • Continuously test the real functioning of your full text indexer services by sending test packets through the service architecture, and verifying that proper processing is happening at every service stage.
  • Monitor a wide variety of services and applications, including: iManage Work DMS, IDOL, IRM, IUS, Communication services, Mobility services, COMM/EFS/WCS services, APA services, and much more
  • Monitor a variety of SharePoint services, including: search components, query processing, content processing, crawl, index, and more
  • Monitor hardware resources, including: storage capacity/usage, memory capacity/usage, processor KPIs, and much more
  • Perform log file analysis, message pattern matching, and alerting using user-friendly translations of complex error messages, with best practices recommendations for steps to properly correct issues
  • Report and Alert on key IDOL data points, including fragmentation ratio, index queue, and more
  • Schedule, perform, and monitor IDOL maintenance tasks across your entire system from one web page


Customizable Alerts
  • Send notifications when specific KPI values cross configured thresholds
  • Define the types of activities that generate alerts, including IDOL specific data points such as queue size, document count, and index fragmentation, or SharePoint data points such as the number of failed indexes or failed queries
  • Receive alerts if specific values or patterns are detected in any log files
  • Deactivate alerts during system maintenance

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Centralized Control
  • Automate and centralize administration tasks, such as ensuring servers are working properly and checking log files for errors
  • Start and stop individual IDOL, iManage Work, SharePoint farm services, and more from a single interface
  • View local drives and files, application configuration and log files, system resources, and KPIs for hardware and software dispersed throughout your environment within a single interface


Preventative Maintenance
  • Schedule jobs that automate IDOL indexer maintenance tasks such as health checks, compaction, reconciliation, and server synchronization
  • View maintenance job output log files from all of your servers on one web page
Comprehensive Reporting
  • View environment components, processing flow, and dependencies
  • Graph and report on the historical trends of any server, service, database, application or hardware component KPI
  • Adjust data points and time-frame criteria while viewing charts
  • Overlay and view charts from various data points from different components
  • Export chart data in a variety of formats


How Helm Can Help You

  • Uses efficient, optimized data transfer techniques to minimize data collection traffic
  • Automates tedious system checks to free up your staff's valuable time
  • Simplifies many complex IDOL administration tasks
  • Ensures your search environment is healthy and optimized with built-in best practice parameters
  • Ensures documents and data are being properly indexed
  • Delivers insights into potential issues before the issues affect end users
  • Tracks historical trends of server, service, and other application and hardware component KPIs
  • Maps detailed system components by region, function, or operational team responsibility


Download The Helm Round Table Summary to read how Helm helped early adopters, King & Spalding and Taft Stettinius

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