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Folder Manager Module for Exchange 

The Folder Manager Module™ automatically creates targeted filing folders directly in individual users' Exchange mailboxes. Folders are created based on data from any data source, including the users' activity in external systems, such as document management, matter intake, time and billing, practice management, matter management, records management, and more. The data from these systems is used to create optimized, organized folders in hierarchical structures appropriate to your users' needs. Items placed in these folders are automatically processed by DocAuto's Exchange Importer Module for iManage Work, SharePoint, or Matter Center. Users can instantly move messages or entire folder structures from their mailbox, other folders, or PST files into these filing folders using Outlook, Outlook Web Access, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and more. The Folder Manager Module is a completely server-side application and does not require users to install any software on their workstations or mobile devices. The Folder Manager Module makes filing fast and easy, and gives users total control over which content is filed, where it's filed, and when it's filed.

The Folder Manager Module also creates and removes native Outlook categories in users' mailboxes. These categories can be used to bulk tag messages for filing to iManage Work, SharePoint, or Matter Center, enabling filing on a wide range of mobile devices and web-based platforms with no additional software on the device. Categories also support multi-platform and multi-target filing, so messages can be filed to multiple systems or targets easily.


The Folder Manager Module Advantage

  • Completely server-side application - no desktop components
  • Dynamically creates e-mail filing folders and Outlook categories in individual mailboxes using data from any data-driven system or process
  • Continuously optimizes views for individual users by deleting empty filing folders and unused categories
  • Compatible with Outlook on mobile devices and over the web

How Folder Manager Module Can Help You

  • Centralized management helps keep mailboxes and the Exchange environment properly organized with no effort from users
  • Facilitates proper e-mail filing without tying up users' machines
  • Runs on the DocAuto Server platform which provides easy scheduling, monitoring, and notification
  • Provides multiple alternative filing methods that can be deployed and combined based on user preferences


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