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Exchange Importer Module for SharePoint

Exchange Importer Module™, or "EIM", is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to automatically import large volumes of Exchange content into SharePoint without placing a burden on users. This comprehensive and flexible solution supports multiple approaches to e-mail management and automatically copies, moves, or deletes any kind of Exchange content (messages, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar items, etc.) directly from filtered or non-filtered sources into dynamically-identified target Sites and Document Libraries in SharePoint.

Exchange Importer Module is also available for iManage Work, click here to learn more. 

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The Exchange Importer Module Advantage

  • Perform continuous or batch migrations of content into SharePoint document libraries
  • Filter messages based on age, date, address, subject, attachment, flags, categories, etc.
  • Filter mailboxes or source folders to be processed

How Exchange Importer Module Can Help You

  • Relieves stress on Exchange Servers
  • Eliminates client-side e-mail processing
  • Provides a replacement for costly e-mail archiving solutions
  • Enforces records management and retention policies

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