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Exchange Importer Module 

Exchange Importer Module™, or "EIM", is the fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to automatically import large volumes of Exchange content into iManage Work. This server-side solution supports multiple approaches to e-mail management, from ongoing message by message tagging with DocAuto ePredict, to folder-based processing using ePredict, Folder Manager, or other custom approaches, to migration of entire mailboxes for departed user mailbox archiving. EIM can also use its powerful message filtering capabilities to perform data mining on your Exchange repositories, allowing content to be extracted and saved to iManage Work for litigation holds, e-discovery, auditing, and many other uses.

This comprehensive and flexible product automatically copies, moves, links and moves, or deletes any kind of Exchange content (messages, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar items, etc.) directly from filtered or non-filtered sources into dynamically resolved targets in iManage Work.

Exchange Importer Module is also available for SharePoint, click here to learn more.

buttons  Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

The Exchange Importer Module Advantage

  • Move "departed user" mailboxes out of Exchange and into iManage Work, preserving all original mailbox folder structures and deduplicating messages on-the-fly. This use case can save many terabytes of storage space in your Exchange environment.
  • Users can organize messages into pre-created "drop box"-type folders in their Exchange mailbox, even on mobile devices, then migrate this content to iManage Work
  • Determines the best Author to set on each message using dynamic Smart Author™ processing
  • Augments the message security with the appropriate security ACLs for each recipient of the original message that is an active user in iManage Work
  • Deduplicates messages within the same folder, WorkSpace, database, or system-wide
  • Phased Processing™ processes the same message multiple times, performing copy, replace with NRL link, and delete operations on different timetables to reduce storage demands and maximize user access
  • Performs continuous or batch migrations of content into iManage Work
  • Filters mailboxes or source folders to be processed
  • Filters messages based on age, date, address, subject, attachment, flags, categories, etc.
  • Maintains courtesy copies by replacing original messages in Exchange with NRL links to the original messages stored in iManage Work
  • Deletes NRL link files when no longer needed

How Exchange Importer Module Can Help You

  • Relieves stress on Exchange Servers
  • Eliminates client-side e-mail processing
  • Provides a replacement for costly e-mail archiving solutions
  • Provides access to single-instance content from Outlook or iManage Work
  • Enforces records management and retention policies


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