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ePredict for iManage Work 

ePredict™ provides real-time "zero additional click" tagging of mail messages by predicting and suggesting iManage Work targets based on the e-mail's addresses and subject line text. ePredict tags messages that are then processed on the server side by the DocAuto Exchange Importer Module (EIM). ePredict delivers a simple, intuitive interface with immediate predictive results based on prior user activity and does not consume workstation resources or slow you down. ePredict includes bulk tagging capabilities, as well as optional tools for power users who want precise control of their mailbox and processed content.

ePredict is also available for SharePoint, click here to learn more. 

buttons  Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

The Advantages of ePredict

  • Predicts filing locations for sent and received messages automatically
  • Predicts as addresses are added and the subject line is entered using background processes – no interference with normal mail composition flow
  • Learns based on user input to improve predictions
  • Displays confidence levels for predictions and the best prediction can be selected automatically
  • Provides a number of tagging methods to suit your users' preferences
  • Builds Outlook folders as messages as tagged, allowing for easy filing of messages on any mobile device or while offline
  • Provides bulk clean-up and tagging tools

The Benefits of Implementing ePredict

  • Predicts, in real-time, the target where each message should be filed
  • Shows predictions sorted with confidence level percentages
  • Uses historical user behavior to improve predictions
  • Integrates seamlessly with Outlook without impacting performance
  • Tag messages with Client and Matter metadata even when no corresponding WorkSpace exists
  • Use group policies to manage configurations for simplified deployment and support


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